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Equity w/ Reginald A. Howard

Oct 27, 2022

On today’s episode LindoYes @lindoyes makes an appearance to discuss:

- The importance of Trap Music music to healing 

- Systematizing Resources to help communities of color 

- Painting Images with words 

- Financial barriers influencing the health Industry 

- How Art can lead to education 

- Plus More!


Oct 16, 2022

On today’s episode Olivia Thompson the Director of Marketing at Sesh @seshgroups makes an appearance to discuss:

- How Sesh will impact the mental health field 

- Safe Space vs. Brave Space 

- The power of conversations 

- Supplemental Mental Health services 

- Making mental health care accessible and affordable.


Oct 6, 2022

On today’s episode E. Bernard Alexander @mrebernard makes an appearance to discuss:

- Overcoming alcohol abuse to become a counselor 

- The importance of spiritual and parental foundation 

- Specializing in Drug & Alcohol 

- Opioid Crisis vs Crack Epidemic 

- Supporting someone who is battling an addiction 

- Plus...