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Equity w/ Reginald A. Howard

Apr 28, 2022

On today’s episode Rev. Leroy Miles from @enontab makes an appearance to discuss:

- Taking therapy into the church

- Repairing Millennial's relationship with the church

- How Enon & Wallo 267 helped individuals with outstanding warrants

- The church helping with community struggles

- Why Black Men have to show up...

Apr 24, 2022

On today’s episode Ryan Harris @asiplantthisseed makes an appearance to discuss:

- How the Youth Can Avoid the Streets

- Raising Kids through Poverty

- Helping Youth Navigate Influence from Music

- Keeping Yourself Motivated as a Leader

- Youth & Gun Violence

- The Importance of Mentorship

- Plus...

Apr 21, 2022

On today’s episode Kiyomi Bufford @387grooming makes an appearance to discuss:

- Why she built 387 Grooming for Men

- Why facials are therapeutic

- Navigating the male/female dynamic in business

- Self care & Self esteem

- How most self care spaces aren't for men

- Plus More!

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Apr 17, 2022

On today’s episode Simone Sims MS @your.favorite.therapist makes an appearance to discuss:

- Being in therapy in her teens

- Children & Bullying

- Getting your loved ones into Family Therapy

- Trauma Bonding

- Misinformation of Mental Health Records

- Criteria for Diagnosis

- Older Sibling Struggles vs Younger...

Apr 12, 2022

On today’s episode Jason Phillips LCSW @jphillipsmsw makes an appearance to discuss:

- Operating as a coach and a therapist

- Therapist causing harm

- The transition of healing in the black community

- Boundaries that hurt relationships

- The levels of Masculinity

- Toxic Positivity

- Plus More!