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Equity w/ Reginald A. Howard

May 25, 2020

On today’s episode with Master Sergeant Christian D. Price @iamchristiandprice makes an appearance to discuss:

- The role the military has on mental health
- Homeless Veterans
- How being a military brat affected you mentally
- How his children feels about being military brats
- Military and the black community


May 12, 2020

On today’s episode Najah Elessie @whatnajahdidinheels makes an appearance to discuss:

- how she reacted to her brothers suicide
- her experience in a mental health facility
- Suggestions for the Suicide Hotline
- Self care tips for anxiety and depression
- Mental Health Continuum Model

- Plus More!

Thanks again...

May 4, 2020

On today’s episode Reginald A. Howard makes an appearance to discuss:

- Reviewing the previous family episodes
- Update on Reggie’s car accident
- Being diagnose with depression and anxiety
- Using medicine to treat his mental health
- Coping with Corona
- Entrepreneur Updates

- Plus Much More!

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